Did her parents really think the name Alison Lauren Dilaurentis was a good idea?

Alison Lauren Dilaurentis

Alison Lauren Dilaurentis

Alison Lauren Dilaurentis

Lauren Lauren. It is like the liar’s equivalent to Moon Moon.

I once knew a guy named Charlie Lee [last name omitted]. Like, his name wasn’t Charles, it was Charlie. His birth certificate says Charlie Lee. Say that out loud if you don’t understand how stupid it is.


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am i the only one wondering what they did for Halloween?

prettylittleliarsquestions answered:

What do you mean? In PLL’s world, Halloween happened in season 3 for them. (Because season 4 Halloween was just a costume party in Ravenswood, it wasn’t really Halloween for them.) It literally has only been a month since S03E13

PLL S03E13 was in October
PLL S05E12 is in November
PLL S05E13 will be December

So the PLLs have done SO much in just one month. At least, that is what we are lead to believe. Idk, now that I think about it, it seems very far fetched and it is making me wonder if I am wrong about this??

(So in this time line, Emily only stabbed Nate a month ago. So Aria and Emily both murdered people within a month of each other????????) I am confused. 


they all have time turners, that’s the only explanation that makes sense.

The timeline of this show reallllly irritates me. I know it’s partially because the writers honestly probably didn’t think they’d ever be in a 5th (or 6th or 7th!) season, so they’re trying to do a lot of stuff with the girls before they officially retire their high school careers. But come on! They say there is no supernatural element to this show but then we’re expected to believe that ALL of this stuff could happen in such a short time period. Like, Aria and Ezra were only broken up for about a day, apparently. If they expect me to believe that this is some kind of 24-like timing then they need to stop with all the costume changes.



Those who keep me employed.  Homo screamius, more commonly known as Fangirls.

I really like what John Green had to say about this video:

As pointed out in this great post by Emily, there’s a lot of misogyny involved in this way of imagining teenage girls and their interests. The truth is, many of the brightest and most enthusiastic young people today are fangirls, and if you’re a creator with those viewers/readers/whatever, you’re lucky as hell to have them. It’s not just that they’ll grow up to do important and fascinating work; they’re doing that work now, online and off, creating art and community and nonprofit initiatives and much else.



Let’s all agree that this was the worst episode of Pretty Little Liars and nobody should ever relive it. This pretty much sums it up.



We’re super not into victim blaming. It’s super lame and not okay at all. So, we weren’t fans of Aria before because she likes to date her…

Couldn’t agree more. Every time I see another recap or mention of this episode I get enraged all over again. 


When PLL revealed Ezra as A over in Ravenswood last summer, I don’t think I have ever been so shocked by a TV moment in all my life, not because the story itself was jarring, but because I knew there was absolutely no way for the show to successfully back out of that decision. This wasn’t a 17-year-old boy joining Mona’s shenanigans to try to protect his 17-year-old girlfriend. This wasn’t a Toby thing. This was a grown man stalking a group of teenage girls, all of whom had been his students, and one of whom he had an ongoing sexual relationship with. But it actually got worse than that, because it turns out he wasn’t just surveilling them. Later, he revealed that he seduced Aria on purpose, knowing that she was underage and that he was going to be her authority figure. And then he proceeded to secretly video her and her interactions with her friends for years, never intervening even though they were being emotionally and psychologically tortured—while continuing to sleep with her.

The reason I’m talking about that is because PLL has brought rape into the narrative this season from a couple of different angles. Not the shadow-y, no-name fog of sexual exploitation that’s been prevalent from the beginning. This is a much more distinct thing. This season we’ve got Lucas and Mr. DiLaurentis laying down this gut-kicking notion that Ali was probably raped if she was kidnapped, and this vomit-inducing story about Zach trying to hook-up with Hanna, and this super true-to-life situation about Hanna’s friends victim-blaming her. And if we’re putting a face on sexual assault, if we’re bringing it into focus now, we can’t continue to turn a blind eye to what Ezra did to Aria.

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So, so important

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I’m having a very hard time with this season of PLL. The writers and producers know how popular this show is with people of all ages, but obviously, most specifically, teens. I am teetering on the edge here because I don’t know how much longer I can, in good faith, go on supporting a show that represents these narratives without addressing the morality and legality issues. Outside of the show, many of the cast and crew have been vocal in anti-bullying campaigns but what about all the other horrible, REAL LIFE situations these characters are in every day? How can a show run by a strong, independent woman have no qualms with victim-blaming and slut-shaming? Not to mention the utter SILENCE from any of the people responsible for these storylines. This needs to be addressed on a public platform. I’m just so disappointed in this show. I used to think it was so forward-thinking and that it set great examples but now I’m not so sure.

You have to have, like, special certifications to work with “at risk” patients so I’m so sure some dim-witted high schooler can just walk up to a SANITARIUM and be like, “Put me to work!” Plot twist: Aria isn’t signing up to volunteer, she’s committing herself. But she can tell her friends that she “works” at Radley!